Just a wee note to say thank you, one and all, for making my stay in Alladale one of the most enjoyable, rewarding and memorable experiences ever. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I feel truly blessed to have taken part in such a unique retreat.



Hello all,

Just cant stop telling everyone I meet about Alladale, its got under my

Thanks to you all for the Fun, emotion, truth, honesty and love which I
truly felt was the growing energy.’ I wonder how we would be if we had
missed the Plane’

I took back with me a renewed strength to live my Legacy today, I
wobbled on Friday, felt strong on Saturday , put up my picture and been
good since.

Love to you all


Dear Jess & Joanna,

I just wanted to say thanks so much for a really fabulous few days, I got so much inspiration & clarity from your retreat & met some wonderful people. Isn’t it funny that the right people always seem to come together at the right time. To spend time in an environment with like minded aware people is a real gift, especially when it is run by yourself Jess. It’s been a truly nurturing of the soul weekend, thankyou

Love x


We still quote you on the SFW and it seems very useful on many occasions 🙂

As I said I would be very interested to learn more about your method so I’m
hoping that maybe you will have a training course at the Light Centre one

Hope to see you again soon,
much love x

Jessica and Joanna

“Jessica’s retreat has left us inspired, changed and with a new outlook on
life. The location was stunning, our days full of fun, the food delicious
and the sessions revealing. We learnt a lot about ourselves and the way we
interact with others and the world around us.
An invaluable experience that I would repeat any time and recommend to

Thanks again.

Kate Allen, Freelance Television Production Manager

Dear Jess

A big thank you for the amazing retreat held at Alladale! Being relatively new to the world of personal development seminars and sessions, I honestly didn’t quite know what to expect (even though I had read the emails!) but went with an open mind and was rewarded even more than I dared hope. The powerful combination of your unique work approach, a select group of wonderfully warm and open people, and the beautiful and inspirational landscape all went toward making this a truly perspective-changing experience for me. Coming at a timely point in my life when I am at a professional and personal crossroads, I now feel more enlightened about the directions I want to take. I really didn’t want the retreat to end! But I know that the positives and insights gained at Alladale will always be with me…
A thousand thank yous, and lots of love.

Kate Ugo, Ugo Foods Ltd

Dear Jessica

My time at Alladale has given me so much to take away with me. Firstly the regeneration programme has somewhat touched me and has changed the way I feel about the Earth. The work we did was so strong and has helped me massively on my own path towards peace and happiness. The people I met have become good friends and I feel will stay with me for a long, long time and for me that is a strong testament to the work I have done with you.

All I can say is that it was by far the best retreat, of any kind, that I have had the pleasure to be part of. I feel extremely privileged to have been part of your first of many. Thank you so much Jess for all your efforts and years of work that have come to fruition. Look forward to more of it.

Lots and lots of love.

Deborah McGovern, Organisational and Personal Development Consultant.

Your Visions and Legacies retreat was an inspirational and deeply moving event. In the immediate aftermath I was filled with a sense of the joy and possibilities of life. What seems even more important, though, is that some weeks on, after the euphoria of a wonderful workshop has subsided, I can say that it was a life-affirming, life-enriching experience. I’m full of admiration for the way in which you work; your ability to focus and clarify – to put “in a nutshell” words which express the feelings one has taken an age to explain. In just a few minutes you were able to help me, and other people within the group, uncover and positively confront deeply buried emotions and events, which we skilfully, if not consciously, may have kept from rising to the surface, even through years of psychotherapy. The way that you metaphorically “hold” people, with a combination of tenderness, care, directness and humour is a great skill. I think that holding the retreat at Alladale is perfect! The vast space, natural beauty and clean air; the ecological vision for the estate; the comfort of the lodge and friendly professionalism of the staff all felt to be in harmony with the work.
A huge and deep-felt thanks Jessica. It was a fantastic experience!

Paul Lister. Investment Manager and Conservationist.

Jessica, you should put the price up, you’ve heard the accolades. I’ve learnt a lot of things, not only from you Jessica, I didn’t know you well before and it’s given us a chance to take that extra step and I’m very happy with that relationship. I’ve learned about peer groups and their importance; we all bring our own agendas. It’s been a very enjoyable experience and I would have stayed here longer. For you to have grounded me for 48 hours anyway is amazing. Congratulations on your first retreat here, it’s been a great success. Thank you.

Pippa Lister. Property Developer

“I’ve been on a lot of courses and retreats and didn’t know what to Expect on this one and I was absolutely blown away with it. I always looked at Robbins and thought that he is the master and what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. Jessica’s course was wonderful & I got completely different things from it. There are so many different avenues of learning but the main thing here for me was realisation of Groundhog Day and how to conquer it once & for all. The content has been amazing, absolutely amazing. I got so much from it and that alone is fantastic but then, on top of that the group has been such a warm & comfortable group to be in. It’s felt so easy, so natural, it’s gone too quick, I’m left hungry for more, it’s been absolutely beautiful and a great credit to Jessica.