Edmund Johnstone

Dear Jessica

It has been a real pleasure to work with you again over the last couple of days. All of us were extremely impressed with your session and your attitude. With my very best wishes.

Ashley Latter, The Selling Coach

Hi Jess

Once again it was great speaking to you today. You have been an inspiration to me this year. The workshop you delivered for my group was first class and the feedback has been incredible. I am trying now to get another group off the ground and I will definitely be booking your services again.

Barry Minal. Vistage Member.

Good evening Jessica,

I wanted to let you know the profound effect your session at V22 on Thursday has had on me.

I am naturally a very cynical person, so if anyone had told me that 20 minutes under hypnosis could change my life I would have suggested they head for the loony bin. I have found myself, calmer, slower, much more relaxed and able to appreciate the here and now rather than chasing the next thing on offer. You have helped plant some sort of mental self checking mechanism which is incredible. I had the best walk with my dog ever this morning as I wasn’t thinking about how quickly we could finish.I find I am more attentive to my family rather than rushing through conversations. My wife in particular is delighted with her new husband.
Awesome stuff. I feel absolutely brilliant. You are a remarkable lady and thank you so much for imparting your skills into my life it has and will make a big difference.

Alan Branagh

Hi Jessica thank you very much it was a fantastic day. 9.5 actually. Cleared a lot of things for a lot of people. Speak soon.

Ashley Latter, “The Selling Coach”

Hello Jessica

It was great speaking to you and I am delighted that we are working together next year.

Jessica, I knew I had a story to tell you. You might remember B. who was in my group when we worked together last year and his self limiting belief which affected all areas of his life and especially his personal life. Well he finally did it and got married and he has just had his first child. The coaching that you did with him worked a treat. He told me that your workshop was the most valuable programme he had ever taken. It was really life changing.

I am excited and really looking forward to working again next year and I know my group are in for a treat.

Keep up the great work that you do, you are an inspiration.

Best wishes

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Bruce Garland, Group Chairman, Vistage International (UK) Ltd


Just a formal email to again thank you for a fantastic session you gave to V34 at our recent Retreat meeting. The members have been talking about the session so much. I cannot thank you enough for the way you handled and worked with the guys. Your experience, added to a truly professional attitude, made the session the unbelievable success it was.
Your feedback marks (out of ten) from the members, are as follows: I AM NOT SURE I CAN REMEMBER SUCH HIGH SCORES FOR A SPEAKER SESSION !

How valuable was this presentation to you?
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

How successful was the speaker at communicating her ideas to you?
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

You can’t get better than a 10 out of 10 ! Although one person (you can probably guess from his in-depth session) actually marked you 20 out of 10 !

tel: 02476 395552
mobile: 07831 887835

Speaker Bureau & Knowledge Centre Coordinator

To advise feedback from your recent meeting –

V34, 19th May

Excellent scores of 100% for content and 100% for delivery

Other than getting married, and the birth of my three children, this was one of the biggest days of my life and will impact on the rest of my days for better
Exceptionally powerful presentation, which had many in the group in tears. Calm, measured and beautifully controlled presentation without playing to the gallery. Exceptional!

Best wishes

Peter Pritchett, Chairman, Coventry and Leicester

Hi Jess,

Thanks for your outstanding session on Friday. The group all loved your session (everyone gave it a 10 the first time that I’ve ever seen that). The energy in the room was fantastic.

It reminded of what a unique and valuable session that is.

You have a quick and powerful way of help individuals to overcome profound limiting beliefs which were set up sometime way in their past. It was a wonderful experience to be part of the process.

The group loved the session and you scored straight 10 from everyone: a remarkable and well-earned result.

Mobile: 07932 080565
Office/PA: 01905 350883