Practice Areas

Jessica Richards offers a range of approaches that support rapid and sustainable personal transformation. Over more than 30 years, Jessica has thousands of hours experience in 121 clinical work and has facilitated hundreds of workshops and retreats. Her work includes:

Corporate Work

Jessica is especially committed to working with leadership issues and with people who have achieved great success in their lives but are not fulfilled or still feel somehow ‘held back’.  “Every quality which has made a business or an individual successful will one day hold it back, that’s the route of the Groundhog day.”She is experienced in working with Chief Executives, senior managers and community leaders. Her approaches encourage optimum performance, greater emotional intelligence, and personal/professional breakthrough. She can facilitate rapid change and insights into issues of both personal, team and business direction. One to one sessions are available at her practice in Harley  Street London.


These are half day or full day retreat events that enable small groups of like-minded people to explore issues about their personal, professional and business direction. The intention of the workshop is to offer a safe and supportive learning environment that yields fresh perspectives, insights, challenge and ideas that can be used to develop a new dimension of someone’s life or work. If you arrive at a retreat or workshop with a self limiting belief and have a ‘one to one’ with Jessica, you will leave without it.

Jessica offers 3 workshops;

Changing the Groundhog Day.

“You can’t resolve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein.

In uncertain times, more than ever, those who are most aware, resourceful and flexible will not only survive but thrive.

It’s all very well to repeat the old cliché of ‘thinking out of the box’ but it’s very difficult, if not impossible to do that whilst stuck in your own ‘box’ of habitual thinking and behaviour. We’ve all experienced the truth that, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you keep getting what you’ve been getting.

Sometimes we become stuck in an unconscious pattern of behaviour which causes us to experience a success negating set of circumstances over and over again. The very qualities of behaviour that make an individual or a business successful will one day be the mechanism which puts the brakes on and produces ‘revolution’ or Groundhog day, rather than ‘evolution’.

Through Jessica’s unique, successful and established ‘Changing the Groundhog Day’ process, resolving unconscious, self limiting beliefs that have presented you with different place, different people but the same scenarios over and over, participants learn how to rewrite the stories of their lives in a way that releases unhelpful habits and beliefs that prevent them and their businesses reaching their full potential. It has proven to be a process that has the power to change your life. It offers opportunities to choose a different course of action within a given pattern of behaviour.

Her process will enable you to access a richness of choices which will prove priceless in today’s climate of uncertainty and ever changing circumstances.

Jessica guarantees that anyone who arrives at the session or retreat with a self limiting belief and has a one to one, will leave without it and with a whole new sense of wellbeing.

You will learn how to identify and resolve self-limiting beliefs.

You will enjoy greater choices and flexibility.

You will become empowered to view situations from a completely different perspective.

You will experience more calm and peace of mind.

You will be more able to adapt to change.

You will be more open to opportunities.

Jessica has many years experience in her Harley Street practice and working within groups of leaders.

The Academy for Chief Executives voted her one of their top three speakers of the decade.

Visions and Legacies – Beyond Goal setting.

We’re all familiar with the five or ten year goal setting programmes. The purpose of this workshop is to go beyond goal setting.

Using a powerful process of self hypnosis we will fast forward decades and centuries, working with techniques that evoke awareness of your core strengths and leanings.

Each of us leaves a legacy either consciously or unconsciously. Each life leaves its footprints and the footprints tell the truth.

You will learn how to access and understand your potential, your greater potential and profound potential.

You can have and act on hindsight now.

You will learn how to access a frame of reference which enables you to make decisions and act on them with confidence.

You will create a plan based on your own unique blueprint which will take you from your profound potential to implementation immediately.

You will establish the foundation to continue your lifelong journey and move forward with a confidence which comes from, clarity of vision, purposefulness and definite plans for immediate action.

This workshop is highly interactive where members will work in pairs as well as share learning in the larger group.

Will Your Health Span Equal Your Lifespan?

Seven Powerful Principles to take control of your health..

After 10 years of intensive study and research with her life depending on it, Jessica Richards condensed this huge subject down to just Seven Powerful Principles which she literally bets her life on.

We all know there is a cost to business as a result of stress, ill health and absenteeism.

In the last two years, this has been estimated at between £16 billion – £30 billion in the UK alone.This is a real cost that is being borne by employers and has a material affect on co-workers as they are under pressure to pick up the slack.

Jess is keen to share. She’d like us all to enjoy good health for our whole life and especially business leaders, where the cost of sickness and absenteeism can make the difference between commercial life and death.

These principles can transform your health status – and be easily incorporated into your own life with little or no cost in time and money.

Most of us like the idea of having a healthier lifestyle but, the thought of giving ourselves and lives a complete overhaul in this busy day and age can feel overwhelming.

At this meeting, Jess will share her seven powerful principles and how to take control and implement them so that you can develop and enjoy awesome health and wellbeing.

Inspired by her own remarkable story of cancer recovery with no surgery or medical treatment, she will share her tried and tested, practical lifestyle principles which can ensure that your health span lasts as long as your lifespan, enriching both your life and your business.

You will learn how to apply simple, practical and powerful strategies to make small but vital lifestyle changes that fit in with busy lives.

You will discover your personal stress level and whether it is in the healthy ‘stretch and strain’ zone or beyond, into the ‘trouble zone’ and what you can practically do about it.

She will reveal and teach you the secrets of powerful Self Hypnosis techniques and how to use them to transform negative self talk and self limiting beliefs.

You will discover how to access you ‘inner compass’ of Life’s purpose’ and how to relate this to your daily life, work and business.

You will learn about the secrets of the ‘Blue Zones’ where people regularly live to 100 years and beyond, whilst enjoying healthy and active lives throughout.

She will address and de-mystify important areas such as fitness, lifestyle, food, sleep,stress, purpose and belonging and practical strategies to address these in your own life.

She will share with you her 7 proven principles for awesome health she literally bets her life on.

Comments from previous sessions;

“Easy to follow, not at all overwhelming.”

“Dispelled myths”

‘Very practical, easy to follow and implement.”

“Manageable chunks, easily achievable.”

“Packed full of tricks and tips, made me feel pro-active and galvanised.”

“Explanations made profound sense.”

“A game changer.”

Jessica has unique credentials and created this workshop out of her own extraordinary personal experience and research.