Vision and Legacy Retreats

CEOs and Senior Directors who achieve success know first-hand about the personal and business benefits of organisational visioning and goal setting. Many, too, are ready to go beyond the limitations of standard 5-year thinking and dream even bigger dreams. Getting in touch with a more expansive vision, and creating an even richer personal legacy, revitalises and restores energy to the individual and the business. Yet opportunities – as well as practical tools and processes – to transcend ordinary visioning and re-orient to your deeper life’s purpose and meaning are rare.

Jessica Richard’s facilitates  ‘Visions and Legacies’ Retreats in the inspirational and exclusive surroundings of Alladale, in the Scottish Highlands

Group bookings only.
Participants: Numbers are limited, thus ensuring true depth of experience.

Jessica’s unique experience will give you the opportunity to learn with a small group of like-minded peers. She will be working ‘live’ with you, to help you discover your fullest potential and your ultimate legacy to the world. You will also learn what you need to implement and move forward with your legacy immediately. Expect to leave this retreat ready to take your life’s work forward with renewed vision, clarity of purpose and defined plans for practical action.

If you want to experience the power of Jessica’s processes – developed from over 20 years of practical experience in facilitating rapid growth – for yourself or for a key player in your top team, then prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience and hold on to your hats!