"This is the truth about me and my life. This is my direction, my path, my blueprint, my soul's purpose."
"The process works in both clinical and corporate settings. Knowing what our hidden patterns are and how we can change them is liberating and inspiring."
"Express your fullest potential through the way you live your life."
"To have true purpose in life is to more consciously fulfill our destiny."
"No problem can be solved with the same consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein
"When I have helped surface someones compelling vision and resolved emotional blocks to achievement it can be helpful to engage a wider development team."

Training Programme

“Many of you know me through my workshops where I work with individuals to identify and resolve self limiting beliefs. Issues which I call “the Groundhog Day Issue”…. Different place, different people, same old situation.

It has taken me over twenty years to develop a process that is fast and practical, which will allow you to learn the same thing for yourself in a much shorter period of time.

I am frequently asked about the possibilities of learning how to use this approach and I’m offering another short programme, which will enable you to add to your coaching skills.

During this programme you will learn about the art of hypnosis. I will unveil the mystery of this subject and introduce you to the practicality and application of deep relaxation from self-hypnosis techniques.

You will learn how to use the state of relaxation as a vehicle to facilitate self-awareness and rapid change of limiting personal beliefs, both for yourself and others.

For my part, my work has now reached a stage where I’m very keen to have a network of friends and colleagues who may like to share in larger projects and to develop a framework where we can continue our learning together. To that end, I have already started collaborating with a number of people, including Joanna Jesson, a friend and associate, on a couple of joint projects. We have greatly enjoyed working and running workshops, retreats and two training programmes together in the past, and as a result, Joanna will be my co-facilitator for this Groundhog programme too.”

I hope to see you on May 21st, when we start “Changing The Groundhog Day”

Jessica Richards

Objective and Outcome of Attending the Programme

  • Learn to use hypnosis to really coach people and make a difference
  • Identify the ‘limiting blocks’ of others
  • Develop a simple but powerful process for dealing with both personal and business issues.
  • Reduce wastage on staff training costs
  • Transform negative patterns in your client’s business and/or personal life
  • Become eligible to work as a member of one of Jessica’s larger project teams

Who Should Come On This Programme?

  • Anyone with a background in, or experience of, coaching others
  • Business and Community Leaders
  • HR professionals looking for new ways to gain rapid insight
  • You, if you are keen to develop new/different approaches to both personal and personnel issues
  • Career changers
  • Anyone who has an experience of working with and has enjoyed learning with Jessica and who wants to take this further by assisting from time to time as a coach to delegates.

Why Is Jessica Running This Programme?

Jessica usually works with chief executives, senior managers and community leaders so she is particularly experienced in working with leadership issues and with people who have achieved great success in their lives but are not fulfilled or still feel ‘held back’ somehow.

Her approach:

  • encourages optimum performance
  • provides increased emotional intelligence
  • facilitates personal and/or professional breakthrough
  • enables insight into personal, team and business issues
  • develops a new skill for you and adds a new tool to your toolkit
  • stimulates a thought-provoking session with like-minded co-learners

Many people have subsequently become interested in Jessica’s approach and want to learn how to pass on the benefits to others. Jessica is offering to provide structured training in the use of her specific approach, as well as on-going support and consultancy. Jessica is keen to develop a growing network of colleagues/associates, all of who share her vision and values, and would like to learn how to use her unique, simple and yet astounding methods, whilst continuing the learning process together. This will result in an increased range of skills to coach others and may also lead to working with Jessica on some of her larger projects both at home and abroad.

The Programme Style

The intention of this special training programme is to offer a safe and supportive learning environment that yields fresh perspectives, insights, challenge and ideas that can be used to develop a new dimension of someone’s life or work. In a small group of like-minded people you will explore how hypnosis works through practical experience.

The Programme Duration

There will be 5 days of input together with other delegates at monthly intervals to allow time for practice and gradual integration into your own work.

Feedback from last years programme.

Groundhog thanks. 

Dear Jessica and Joanna,

Thank you for organising and delivering the excellent “Groundhog Day” training sessions that I enjoyed so much this year.

The sessions were very practical and well-structured, and gave me the confidence to tackle issues with clients that would previously have seemed too difficult for me to deal with. They have also enabled me to go back and re-visit some of the old recurring issues in my life – a very rich source of material!

Thanks for providing me with such powerful and useful skills to take forward into my life, and the lives of those around me.

Peter Pritchett
Academy Group Chairman.

An amazing fast method to provide benefit to people with detrimental habits. I felt privileged to learn, in only five sessions, a process which has taken Jessica over twenty years to develop to this advanced level.

Phillip Dean 
CEO Lentern Group of Companies.