Nick Jackson

“I have never changed my mind so fast and so radically about anyone as when I first met Jessica Richards in 2001. She was the speaker at my first meeting of the Academy for Chief Executives and I was completely sceptical in regards to any benefits from her presentation involving hypnotherapy.

At that session and at each of the subsequent occasions when I have chaired groups to whom Jessica has presented, her performance in helping leaders of companies exorcise deep seated problems has bee nothing short of astonishing. Our North East Chief executives group was so impressed that they requested her as speaker at their retreat only one month after her first presentation to them.

The feedback forms from the participants at Jessica’s sessions invariably include a clutch of the scarce ‘awesome’ scores and she does it all with great skill, insight, compassion and humour.

In addition, by challenging me on a one- to- one basis, Jessica changed my view of myself and hence the priorities in my life.

Need I say more?

Nick Jackson