Regards David D’Arcy, North East Chairman, Vistage International (UK) Ltd.

Thank you so very much for your efforts with the Group on Tuesday evening and Wednesday.

The marks on the evaluation forms are largely incidental but nevertheless do reflect a session of great value to the individuals. The scores are approximately 90% and that is top slot for this group.

To see *** & ****** open up the way they did was quite something because they have had large amounts of stress in their businesses recently & they were bruised as a consequence.

After you had gone the remainder of the day was quite different from normal. They were emotionally drained but very calm and thoughtful. We tackled issues for two hours, had a break, had a much better dinner from both a location and choice perspective, and they were still doing issues for each other at 10.30 pm. We went through the outcome from the previous evening where they had to choose which member had been at 21,000 feet, was a tap dance teacher, or a motor cross champion and they were stunned by the rich mixture of interests which people had.

A Retreat is a time for the Group members to become more aware about themselves and to get a greater understanding about what makes their colleagues tick. With your help we achieved all that & more. Thank you.

Regards David D’Arcy, North East Chairman, Vistage International (UK) Ltd.